Le Dao-Confinement 28+2 Little Full Moon Set Edition | Postpartum Replenishing Recipe



Combine modern confinement methods and ancient traditional wisdom

“Menzi 28+2” is a combination of the traditional concept of confinement of the country and the advantages of modern technology. The formula is meticulously developed by a team of professional consultants. The traditional and effective postpartum body replenishment formula is used to make the medicated diet soup recipe. The effective ingredients are released at the best time, which can be adjusted and supplemented for the parturient, and the cooking process is greatly reduced. It is the easiest confinement medicinal soup for the parturient to cook.

Full confinement, tonic for 30 days

“Morning 28+2” not only makes up for 28 days, but also extends the replenishment period. Adding 2 more days of precious medicated meal package to replenish vitality, that is, there is a full 30-day confinement “little full moon”. In general, the other 28 prescriptions only have 28 days or less for supplementation, which does not fully supplement the golden period of confinement for the “little full moon” in Chinese medicine, and the 28 days does not include the time for Shenghua Decoction, so “March 28+2” will also provide an additional 7 days of biochemical soup to help clear lochia and improve the tonic effect of confinement.

Replenish vitality, relax confinement

In order to take care of the needs of each period of confinement, from the initial dispelling of lochia, to the prevention of wind and cold and to replenish the blood, the formula also adds three key points for replenishing the body-“Bone Calcium, Nourishing Black Hair, Nourishing Brain and Nourishing the Spirit”.

Strong taste and good materials

The sika deer antler from Northeast China and Korean ginseng from South Korea have the most obvious tonic effect on the weak parturients, which can help improve immunity and replenish vitality for the body. Other Chinese medicinal materials are selected from high-quality authentic medicinal materials, among which organic Beiqi is used to ensure the source of high-quality ingredients and pollution-free.

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Packing specification

30 packs of medicated food packs + 7 packs of biochemical soup +
1 box of purple Ganoderma lucidum soothing tea +
1 box of Royal Brand Angelica and Ginger Bath Powder

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