Ledao-Niaosuantong 120 Capsules|For the formation and metabolism of uric acid

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Detailed introduction

“Le Dao Uric Acid Tong” uses modern science to extract active essences such as black cherry, uncooked grass, green papaya, burdock and green tea. The ingredients are refined and concentrated, which can remove the human body’s uric acid and other metabolic wastes, effectively reduce the serum uric acid level, and relieve the problem of uric acid.

  • For the formation and metabolism of uric acid
  • Help suppress uric acid levels
  • Prevent recurrent hair and stop bloating
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Microcrystalline Cellulose (E460), Celery Seed Extract, Uncaria, Black Cherry, Shark Chondroitin, Sage Extract, Silicon Dioxide (E551), Magnesium Stearate (E572), Cat’s Claw, Green Papaya Powder, Green tea extract, burdock powder (this product contains fish and fish products, additives E460, E551, E572)

Suggested dosage

Take 1-2 cups of warm water after meal for quicker results

  • Health care: 2 times a day, 3 capsules each time
  • Severe: 2 times a day, 4 capsules each time
  • It is recommended to continue taking 3 months as a cycle

Packing specification

120 capsules per bottle, 500 mg per capsule, with capsules


  • Infants and pregnant women should be used with caution, please consult medical staff
  • Natural materials-the color, texture and taste of each batch may be slightly different
  • Health products, not a substitute for medical advice
  • Keep in a cool and dry place

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