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Healthppy = Healthy X Happy

Healthy body is always the foundation of our happiness. We aim to provide a convenient one-stop healthcare platform for our members. To save your cost, we maintain all services online. No physical store, no physical member card. Quick, simple and green!

Healthppy proactively provides our members by giving wide range of healthcare services and products, including supplements, health check, outpatient medical welfare and dental services.

We believe every person, no matter you are employed or not, have bought an insurance or not, a medical card should be owned by yourself. Thus, Under healthppy network, there are over 100 medical centres and 200 doctors in all major districts of HK island, Kowloon and New Territories under Healthppy clinic network. Perfect for healthppy members to enjoy medical and dental welfares at convenience.

Our Mission and Vision

"Evryone should have their own medical card ”
We hope that everyone can enjoy health care products and services, such as employees who have medical cards obtained from employers. However, suppose that 50% of Hong Kong’s population (about 3,000,000) needs to bear 200% more than the employed population, not to mention that some of them are self-employed, such as drivers and freelancers.
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