JOINTOK Guan Jiejian | Patented Collagen Molecule Bone Strengthening Essence (Powder) | Joint Repair | FDA Certification


Quality Certification, Awards

  1. FROST&SULLIVAN European Health Food Award
  2. U.S. FDA approved safe food
  3. European Medicines Quality Agency Pharmacopoeia Quality (EDQM) certification
  4. Athlete food approved by the International Sports Commission

Guanjiejian® is a 100% patented active collagen peptide micromolecule formula developed in Germany. It is not only a component of collagen, but also similar to cartilage metabolites. It has a unique formula and natural ingredients. It has been developed by Harvard University Medical School in the United States and Germany for decades. So far, many clinical studies have proved that: the absorption rate is 95% and it reaches the tissues, provides nutrition and activates cells to allow the tissues to grow and regenerate naturally, safely and effectively protect and repair the wasted joints and surrounding connective tissues, slow down degeneration, relieve pain, promote joint health, and more. Help skin moisturize and restore elasticity.

Guanjiejian® activates cells, deeply repairs skin joints, repels loose wrinkles, joint gurgling and stiffness and other signs of aging, resists aging, and extends healthy vitality.

This food may help relieve muscles and muscles and repair skin. It is suitable for people who are concerned about joint pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee and heel pain, and can also rebuild firm and tender muscles. Guanjiejian® is selected by many western medicine, Chinese medicine doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists.


  • Repairs cartilage, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues, relaxes tendons and activates collaterals, helping joints to relax smoothly
  • Make skin firm, moisturized and smooth, reduce wrinkles
  • Promote wound healing
  • Promote the growth/soundness of bones and teeth
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Suggested use

Granules, 1 packet (10 grams) per day, mixed with cold or warm water, beverages such as soup, soy milk, milk, milk tea, coffee, etc., or food such as porridge, oats, cheese, etc., drink or eat after stirring.
(The temperature is below 50°C)

Suitable for people who care about joint skin health

Head down, office worker (SALARYPEOPLE)
Head down or poor sitting and standing posture, lack of extension, wearing high heels, etc., will strain the intervertebral or joint cartilage.

Workers, athletes (WORKERS, ATHLETES)
Frequent repetitive movements or exercises impact joints and cause strain.

Overweight (OVERWEIGHT)
Load accelerates joint abrasion.

Thin people (THIN)
Muscles are insufficient and joints are vulnerable.

Middle-aged, elderly (AGING)
The growth rate and repair ability of chondrocytes are reduced, and the joints decline.

Low back pain (LOW BACK PAIN)
Before pregnancy, after childbirth or domestic work, the spine and disc bones are compressed and joints are strained.

Swollen feet (ANKLE OEDEMA)
A low-meat diet allows water in the body to gather in the ankles.

Wrinkles (WRINKLES)
Appears on the abdomen, thighs and breasts or the skin’s collagen is lost due to aging.

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