Intelligent induction spray sterilizer | Infrared sensor


Contactless Intelligent induction alcohol sprayer

  • Infrared sensor: spray when you reach out your hands or your phones
  • Single spraying time: automatically stop after 15 secs
  • Simple and fashionable design: with batteries inserted, USB Type-C charging, no need to be plugged


  1. Add 75% alcohol into the tank without exceeding 4/5 of the volume. Press the button(the light should hold for 3 secs) to enter the working mode.
  2. If you want to turn it off, press the button and hold for about 3 secs again.
  3. Put your hand or place your object 0-12 cm above the induction zone. The infrared sensor will start spraying and stop after 15 secs. If you need another spray, just place your hands over the zone again.
  4. The product has a built-in battery. Please use the DC5V1A adaptor for charging. Red light is shown while charging, the green light indicates that it is fully charged.


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  • Size (mm) : 84 * 60 * 76
  • Weight: 138 g
  • Including spray sterilizer *1, Type C charging cable*1, bilingual manuals (both Chinese and English)*1, cotton swab *2
  • The volume of the tank: 100ml
  • 15 secs spraying time

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