Diffuser Essential Oil Humidifier| Purify air, remove unpleasant smell, absorb moisture


Himalayan crystal salt stone diffuser come with decorative lights you use in your living or bedroom. The unique salt stones will release negative ions under the light, believed to have various health benefits. In fact, many believe that Himalayan salt stones can clean and sterilize the air in your home.  The natural orange light can help to soothe pressure, create a homey and comfy atmosphere, with the ultrasound vibration and oil diffusion in the air, it boosts your mood and gives a pleasant smell.

  • Convenient USB charging port
  • Relieve from pressure and relax, stabilize your emotion
  • It fits every single room at your home, in your workplace, clubhouses and gyms. It is also a perfect choice for gifts. Send your love to your friends and make a healthy and ideal indoor environment for him/her
  • Size: 96.5 x 96.5 x 112.5 mm


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Natural salt ore. Even salt stones of the same specification range are unique, with different shapes, sizes, weights, and color depths. There may also be some natural fault lines on the surfaces, which are normal rough stones features. Please refer to the actual product.

The Advantages of Himalayan crystal salt stones:

  1. Purify the air, deodorize and absorb moisture. Keep the environment fresh

  2. Antibacterial: inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria
  3. Reduce static electricity in the air
  4. Neutralize electromagnetic radiation

  5. Soothe allergies and symptoms of asthma. It is good for people who have nasal allergies.
  6. Help improve eczema, psoriasis, etc. skin problems
  7. Accelerate wound healing
  8.  Improve respirational system
  9. Improve sleep effectiveness
  10. Boost your mood and help concentration
  11. Help to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder and balance the endocrine system and soothe your emotion
  12. Help to relax deep tissues and good for health
  13. Strengthen your immunity and increase vital capacity
  14. Help cleaning and detoxication

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