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    [Signature of the Hong Kong Department of Health] Lepu Medical Sars-CoV-2 Virus Rapid Test Kit (C-HEA048) – 5 pieces per box

    Average $35 each


    Early detection of virus antigens can effectively reduce the widespread spread of the virus!

    • High Accuracy: High Accuracy, High Consistency li>
    • Instant test: test result within 15 minutes li>
    • Easy to operate: self-sampling nasal swab test, no need to send to laboratory span>
    • Suitable to do twice a week, with nucleic acid testing every 14 days to ensure safety
    • The Hong Kong Department of Health has approved this product as a rapid antigen test for COVID-19 span>
    • See results in 15 minutes
    • Made in China
    • The rapid antigen test is only suitable for preliminary screening, and the test results should be matched with other clinical symptoms Diagnosis is not a substitute for nucleic acid tests currently considered to be diagnosing COVID-19


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    Uni-Medica COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit (20packs)

    Uni-Medica New Coronavirus Rapid Test Kit

    ✔️15 minutes to know the result quickly

    ✔️Simple operation

    ✔️The accuracy rate is as high as 96%

    ✔️EU CE, Bfarm certification

    ✔️The State Food and Drug Administration approves the manufacturer

    ✔️The production date is after 2021-12, please feel free to use it

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    The SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test Cassette is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) antigens in nasal swab samples from human. The test is intended to aid in the rapid differential diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 viral infection within 15 minutes.

    98.18% Sentivity 

    100% Specificity

    • Will start shipment from 21st Feb, 2022
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  • 寵樂寶活性膠原營養素|寵物關節健康

    -  改善寵物的關節健康和生活質素

    - 有助於恢復和支持寵物(貓狗等)的活動性和敏捷性的新配方

    - 刺激關節軟骨再生,從而抵消由於退化或超重引起的關節磨損

    - 無副作用的蛋白質食品 臨床研究證明安全有效

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  • OXYAIR MASK Adult Mask ASTM Level 2 (17.5cm)

    payment method:

    FPS, Credit Card, Payme

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  • 樂道防疫盾- 消毒殺菌防疫配方 (噴劑)

    • 對抗疫症
    • 消毒殺菌
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  • 英國icare消毒濕紙巾10份套裝((每份有4包,每包有10張)

    • 無添加香料
    • 加入蘆薈精華及維他命E,有助保濕補水
    • 產品規格:一份有4包,每包10張
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    SaniHome UVC Intelligent Air Purifier (white) | 6 minutes air purifying


    By using negative ion and Dual UVC + UVA technology, purify indoor and car air in just 6 minutes. Negative ions actively attract the polluted microparticles in the air which are always positively charged, thus making the invisible PM2.5 form into clusters and fall down. The negative ions can damage the bacterial protein to make them weak or dead, thus making air purified and deodorized. UV technology could stimulate the catalytic action of the photocatalyst, to generate more hydroxyl radicals and active oxygen ions. It is turning oxygen and water into a strong oxidizing active oxygen anion (. O2) and hydroxyl radicals (.OH), which is able to oxidize bacteria and viruses.

    • Air purification in just 6 mins, it covers 100 square feet
    • Intelligent real-time monitoring function, display air purification condition
    • 15 million negative ions per second (use for 20000 hours) to have 99.99% purification + dust removal, no need to replace the filter
    • Using SHARP PM2.5 sensor from Japan to remove smog, toxic suspended particles, and TVOC, etc.
    • Remove toxic gases, bacteria, and unpleasant odors to enjoy clean and fresh environment
    • UVC + UVA Dual LED Technology enhances the antibacterial function
    • Connected with USE-Type C interface, 1800mAH battery. It can be last for 240mins after full charges.
    • 1 click for turning on and off
    • Size: 80mm*80mm*126mm, fits with office desks
    • The package included an additional adaptor for car use
    • Smart Monitoring System to display the condition of air in the environment



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  • Portable USB chargeable mini juicer cup and blender } 4 blades

    • Make your smoothie anywhere: wireless, light, portable
    • Chargeable: The blender could be charged by USB. The port is protected by rubber to prevent contact with water. The engine only starts when the lid is closed. Double clicks and it will start blending!
    •  Small body large volume: 300ml and weighed 600g
    • No need for waiting: 40 secs juicing
    • 4 stainless blades: to crush the pulp from fruits evenly
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  • Diffuser Essential Oil Humidifier| Purify air, remove unpleasant smell, absorb moisture

    Himalayan crystal salt stone diffuser come with decorative lights you use in your living or bedroom. The unique salt stones will release negative ions under the light, believed to have various health benefits. In fact, many believe that Himalayan salt stones can clean and sterilize the air in your home.  The natural orange light can help to soothe pressure, create a homey and comfy atmosphere, with the ultrasound vibration and oil diffusion in the air, it boosts your mood and gives a pleasant smell.

    • Convenient USB charging port
    • Relieve from pressure and relax, stabilize your emotion
    • It fits every single room at your home, in your workplace, clubhouses and gyms. It is also a perfect choice for gifts. Send your love to your friends and make a healthy and ideal indoor environment for him/her
    • Size: 96.5 x 96.5 x 112.5 mm


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  • Intelligent induction spray sterilizer | Infrared sensor

    Contactless Intelligent induction alcohol sprayer

    • Infrared sensor: spray when you reach out your hands or your phones
    • Single spraying time: automatically stop after 15 secs
    • Simple and fashionable design: with batteries inserted, USB Type-C charging, no need to be plugged


    1. Add 75% alcohol into the tank without exceeding 4/5 of the volume. Press the button(the light should hold for 3 secs) to enter the working mode.
    2. If you want to turn it off, press the button and hold for about 3 secs again.
    3. Put your hand or place your object 0-12 cm above the induction zone. The infrared sensor will start spraying and stop after 15 secs. If you need another spray, just place your hands over the zone again.
    4. The product has a built-in battery. Please use the DC5V1A adaptor for charging. Red light is shown while charging, the green light indicates that it is fully charged.


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    Uni Nippon Hair Growth Laser Comb| Inhibit Hair Loss |Hair Regrowth


    • Raise the level of follicle cells of ATP
    • Produce adequate nutrition to the hair follicle
    • Inhibit hair loss and nurture follicle cells

    *International journal of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic dermatology vol.5, no.2, 2003


    “Uni-Nippon Hair Growth Laser Comb ” with optical bio-stimulation techniques (Photo Bio Simulation Technology) will raise the level of follicle cells of ATP. ATP allows the cells to produce adequate nutrition so that the hair follicles grow up healthy and inhibit hair loss.


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