Source Jilin Ganhe Tea (Box Tea)

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  • Relieves wind and heat, relieves heat and relieves food, promotes body fluid and quench thirst
  • For people who are concerned about colds and fever, headaches, joint pain, food stagnation and fullness


  • Packing Specifications: 6.8g*10 packs
  • Shelf life: please refer to the packaging
  • Edible method: 1 time a day, 2-3 packs of tablets each time
  • Storage method: avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool and dry place
  • Registration number of proprietary Chinese medicines: HKP-03780

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Hezi Tea has a long history and has obvious effects on preventing colds. Box tea is “a tea and medicine”. It can be used as herbal tea to clear away heat and stagnation, regulate the intestines and stomach, generate thirst and promote fluid. When symptoms such as headache, bone pain, fever and other cold symptoms occur, it can be used for medicinal purposes. Ans is suitable for all ages.


Agastache, lotus leaf, cloth residue leaf, licorice, parsnip, scutellaria, gardenia, honeysuckle, kudzu root, bay leaf, kudzu root, elm, light bamboo leaf, artemisia annua, perilla leaf, perilla root, papaya, bitter almond, atractylodes, chrysanthemum Chen, mulberry leaves, Kuding tea, betel nut, Alisma, peppermint, forsythia, Amomum villosum, hawthorn, yellow lotus.

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