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EYEOK is a non-medicinal vitamin-mineral formula based on the NATIONAL EYE INSTITUTE of the National Eye Institute of the United States Congress for more than 10 years of clinical medical research. It is a non-drug, effective and safe to help reduce the risk of eye degeneration.

1. Lutein, Zeaxanthin

  • The most important antioxidant component in the macula of the retina can inhibit the free radicals formed during the photo-sensitization process;
  • Forms macular pigment, filters harmful short-wave blue light (can absorb 40% to 90% of the blue light)
  • Improve visual function, improve glare disability and light stimulation recovery period. Unfortunately, lutein cannot be supplemented from food


Helps to improve eye inflammation, such as reducing the damage of glaucoma inflammation to the eyes, 04/06/2018 Hong Kong Newsletter-New Trends in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Dry Eyes and CUHK Ophthalmology Related Treatments for Dry Eyes:

“Involving more foods containing omega three fatty acids can help and reduce the inflammation of the oil glands”

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C enhances resistance. Children should take no more than 500 mg per day, while adults should take no more than 1,000 mg per day. According to a risk assessment study conducted by the Center for Food Safety, 100 grams of orange and lemon contain 53.2 mg and 53.0 mg of vitamin C, respectively.

Each capsule contains Vitamin C 150MG, which is approximately equal to the content of 3 oranges.



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Fish oil, vitamin C, gelatin, glycerin, polish (901), vitamin E, lutein, lecithin, zinc oxide, copper gluconate, zeaxanthin, pigment (160B), hyaluronate, astaxanthin (Contains fish and soybeans)

 Suggested use

Once a day, two to three capsules each time


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