Absolute Fatty Five-fold Mixing Day and Night Formula

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The Absolute Fatty Five-fold Mixing Day and Night Formula adopts a five-fold cocktail mix program, specially made 5 different specialty slimming pills, containing 5 major patented ingredients; day and night formulas are precisely tailored to the body’s habits at different times; the daytime is mainly for fat burning, water removal, and satiety; In the evening, the focus is on fat burning, bowel movement, and promoting metabolism; the five-fold mixing formula will burn body fat and overcome the plateau period of weight loss in one fell swoop, in order to achieve the goal of long lasting effect and reducing the rebound of fatness.

Main ingredients

Fat Burning Pills

Patented African mango seed extract, pepper extract, maltodextrin, kudzu flower extract, E551 (anti-caking agent), E572 (anti-caking agent), black ginger fever enzyme, safflower extract, red pepper extract, cardamom peel extract, Chinese pepper extraction

Satiety pill

Maltodextrin, patented lemon verbena and roselle extract, garcinia cambogia extract, brown algae extract, camellia extract, E551 (anti-caking agent), E572 (anti-caking agent)

Sanshui pill

Maltodextrin, Corn Silk Extract, Patent Le and Chang Plant Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Cactus Fruit Extract, E551 (Anticaking Agent), E572 (Anticaking Agent)


Maltodextrin, Cassia Cassia Extract, Patented Okra Extract, Comprehensive Digestive Enzyme, Arabian Tree Extract, Flammulina velutipes Extract, E551 (Anticaking Agent), E572 (Anticaking Agent)

Metabolism Pill

Maltodextrin, branched chain amino acids (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-α-aminoisovaleric acid), patented black yeast ferment, ribose complex, American ginseng extract, E551 ( Anti-caking agent), E572 (anti-caking agent)

The main function

12.8 kg of clinical ingredients reduced

5 patented ingredients, formula researched and developed by Japanese

Contains 5 different specialty slimming pills (fat burning, dehydration, satiety, metabolism, bowel movement)

Applicable persons

People stranded in the plateau period of weight loss

People with edema

Fatty people

Difficult to abstain from eating and drinking

Less amount of physical activity

For both sexes


Day: 1 pack of daily slimming formula (contains 1 fat burning pill, 1 water removal pill, 1 satiety pill)

Night: 1 pack of night slimming formula (contains 1 fat burning pill, 1 bowel movement pill, 1 metabolite pill)

Packing specification

Each pack has 3 capsules with 360mg, including capsules; a total of 28 packs are individually packaged


The recommended amount has the effect of slimming and weight loss, no need to overdose this product

It is recommended to take in the pills with a balanced diet and good living habits to achieve better results

Health products do not represent medical advice ; please consult professional medical staff

the color, texture and taste of each batch of natural materials may be slightly different

Refund and return policy

This product is a non-refundable product, please read our return/refund policy for more details.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Product Features:

Thick waist

Lower body fat

Reduce Water Retention

Fat burning

Enhance satiety

Promote metabolism

Intestinal detoxification

Swollen hands and feet


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