Blue Card Membership

$400.00 / year for 1 year

Plan details (Applicable to Non-Hong Kong/macau ID cardholder only)

– Each blue card member will enjoy 10% off discount code, which can be used unlimitedly within the membership period.
– The code can apply to all products except healthppy paid membership program
– The code will be expired on the same day of your membership
– The code has no minimum spending the coupons cannot be transferred to other members.

Member giveaway – Outpatient Welfare
Each blue card member can enjoy our outpatient medical welfare to visit healthppy network clinics (more than 200 clinics/doctors) at membership price. Card member can visit the clinics unlimited times under membership period.

Detail and membership price: click here (member access only)

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1. This card program is eligible for non-hong kong/macau id cardholder.
2. It is non-refundable once member has joined this program, please refer to our refund policy.
3. This medical welfare is valid for 12 months only and will be disabled when it comes to the expiry date.
4. Your personal information will be used to integrate with healthppy medical network, click privacy policy and our terms of service to know more.


Healthppy does not advertise for any doctor or medical institution, nor receive any commission from them.

Member benefits only include consultation fees and essential medicines. All additional medical expenses shall be borne by members

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