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  • Foldable UV Light Sanitizer Bag


    • 【Convenient to carry】This UV light sterilizer box adopts a foldable design, the height after folding is only 40mm. It takes less space and is more convenient. It is very suitable for disinfection of hotels and homes, and UV disinfection during travel.
    • 【Reasonable design】The exterior of this UV bag is made of high-quality waterproof fabric and the interior is made of mirror PU material. Double zipper and handle design, more user-friendly. Hidden charging port, easy to carry. Built-in 1200mah battery, easy to use without external power supply.
    • 【Large capacity】This UV box sterilizer has a large capacity and is very suitable for disinfecting underwear, socks, towels, toys, cosmetic tools, bottles, baby clothes, pacifiers, eyeglasses, toothbrush cleaning, notebook clean and other personal household items.
    • 【Safe & Easy to use】Press the switch once, the UV sanitizer bag starts to work The UV box has a built-in protection switch. When disinfecting, open the cover (inclination> 45 degrees) to automatically turn off the ultraviolet light. To protect your safety.
    • 【UV Disinfection】This ultraviolet sanitizing lightbox uses pure physical sterilization method, 360-degree surround sterilization, effective sterilization within 5 minutes. The sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%

    The user-friendly design of the UV sanitizer bag contained 12 little light bulbs to perform a better sterilizing effect. 0 radiation, 0 ozone, 0 residues, it brings you a healthy wonderful life.


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  • Blue Card Membership

    Plan details (Applicable to Non-Hong Kong/macau ID cardholder only)

    – Each blue card member will enjoy 10% off discount code, which can be used unlimitedly within the membership period.
    – The code can apply to all products except healthppy paid membership program
    – The code will be expired on the same day of your membership
    – The code has no minimum spending the coupons cannot be transferred to other members.

    Member giveaway – Outpatient Welfare
    Each blue card member can enjoy our outpatient medical welfare to visit healthppy network clinics (more than 200 clinics/doctors) at membership price. Card member can visit the clinics unlimited times under membership period.

    Detail and membership price: click here (member access only)

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  • 婚前尊貴全面健康檢查 (單人)-卓健醫療



  • 基本心臟健康檢查-卓健醫療

    • 詳細病歷調查
    • 體格檢查 – 糖尿病測試
    • 糖化血色素
    • 血脂肪測試 – 總膽固醇、高密度脂蛋白膽固醇、低密度脂蛋白膽固醇、總膽固醇及高密度脂蛋白膽固醇比率、三酸甘油脂
    • 心臟病風險因子 – 同型半胱氨酸、高敏感丙類反應蛋白
    • 心臟病風險評估 – 心電圖
    • 肺影像檢驗 – 胸部X光 (照肺)
    • 醫生解釋報告
  • 壓力測試及治療 | 劉英健博士主理(心理醫生)

    • 透過EMWAVE ®️ DESKTOP TECHNOLOGY 是一種以科學具體的數據,清楚看到小朋友的持續性和專注力情況
    • 根據INSTITUTE OF HEARTMATH 的 USING EMWAVE®️ TECHNOLOGY FOR CHILDREN研究顯示,EMWAVE®️ 科學技術能有效量度小朋友的凝聚力COHERENCE情況,從而配合QUICK COHERENCE®️ TECHNIQUE(快速凝聚力訓練技術),能夠令專注力不足的小朋友在確實數據顯示下,得到全面性清晰的專注力改良。
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  • 倍靈指環睡眠測試|睡眠問題/睡眠窒息症分析|FDA認證

    倍靈指環的睡眠質量分析使個人能夠預先篩查睡眠窒息症;同時能夠測量個人的睡眠壓力水平和監察整體睡眠質量。 倍靈指環具FDA認證,該達醫療級可穿戴設備使用戶能夠在自己舒適的床上進行睡眠評估。與傳統的醫院睡眠測試相比,倍靈指環能夠通過人工智能技術,預先篩查睡眠窒息症,準確度更接近90%。
    • 睡覺時打呼
    • 突然驚醒
    • 白天渴睡
    • 記憶力下降
    • 白天頭痛
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  • 肺癌篩查計劃|卓健醫療

    • 詳細病歷調查
    • 醫生會診
    • 病理化驗項目及檢查程序
    • 低輻射電腦掃描(胸腔)
    • 醫生解釋報告
  • 大腸癌篩查計劃-卓健醫療

    • 詳細病歷調查
    • 醫生會診
    • 病理化驗項目及檢查程序 – 大腸鏡
    • 醫生解釋報告
    SKU: Colorectalcancercheck
  • Dental Welfare Membership

    $480.00$680.00 / year Select options

    Dental Welfare Membership

    • Search for doctors/clinics:Click here
    • Unsubscribe at any time, no contract binding
    • Dental Welfare Card members can receive dental benefits, join the dental health plan for free, and have their teeth scaling once or twice a year
    • Dental Welfare Card members enjoy 10% off physical examination, vaccinations and all products (automatic discount, no coupon code required)
    • Location of the clinics: Prince Edward, Mong Kok, North Point, Hung Hom
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    $480.00$680.00 / year Dental Welfare Membership選擇規格
  • Outpatient Welfare Membership

    $200.00 / year for 1 year Subscribe

    Outpatient Welfare Membership

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      Personal plan free trial for three months
    • Red card members enjoy 10% off physical check-ups, vaccinations, dietary health care and all products (automatic discount, no coupon code required)
    • Red card members receive outpatient benefits, membership price can be paid to more than 200 network doctors/clinics, including western and traditional Chinese medicine outpatient clinics, physical therapy, and specialist outpatient clinics
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    $200.00 / year for 1 year
  • Ledao Panax Notoginseng Golden Plant Capsules 60 Capsules


    • Lowering the three levels of hypertension and venting blood vessels
    • Ultra-fine powder is more finely absorbed
    • Rich in saponins
    • Heartbeat
    • Repair and relax blood vessels
    • Clean blood vessels and anti-oxidant
    • Fight against blood stickiness
    • Reduce body fat
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  • Le Dao-Gray Mate 10ml

    Product Details

    Traditional Chinese medicine is good at dealing with chronic problems. The formula of “Leduo Grey Metoprolol 10ml” is derived from many years of clinical experience of old Chinese medicine practitioners and developed by local universities. High-permeability gel, reaching the nail bed; effectively reducing the risk of infection and spread; restoring the pink and luster of the nail flesh. The product does not use pure acid value to fight fungi; the gray formate ingredient can help dissolve the nail plate keratin, and penetrate into the medicinal extracts of traditional Chinese medicine (dandelion extract, mulberry bark extract, arborvitae leaf extract) to improve the symptoms of gray nails.

    • High penetration gel, straight to the nail bed
    • Reduce the risk of infection and spread
    • Restore the pink color and luster of gray armor


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    $219.00$800.00 Le Dao-Gray Mate 10ml選擇規格