VacC Medical V3 Vaccination Plan (From Newborn to 1-month-old babies)

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  • 9 dosages + 3 oral vaccines
  • Newborn to 18-months-old babies
  • Require checking from Health Centres after vaccination
  • Red/Yellow Card Members can enjoy discounts

“VacC Medical” is a medical institution recognized in Hong Kong. Its services include Door-to-Door or out-patient vaccination, Targeted body check, Free Vaccination Record Screening Service : 網址


  1. Add to the shopping cart and pay at Healthppy website
  2. Fill in the application form for yourself/your families or friends
  3. Staff from the medical centre will contact you and make an appointment for the vaccination.

Vaccination Venue:

  1. One Grand Tower, Mong Kok
  2. Next to Tuen Mun West Railway Station

Healthppy- v3 plan detail

Healthppy- V1 remarks

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