PathLab HS04 Well Men/Women (25-45yrs old) Checkup


PathLab Medical Laboratories Ltd. is a full-service clinical laboratory that provides doctors and medically-related institutions with diagnostic laboratory testing.  It was founded more than 40 years ago, and was once known as Sing Tao Medical Laboratory Ltd.

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We have laboratories in Fortress Hill (headquarters & main lab), Causeway Bay (near Sogo), Melbourne Plaza (Central) and Mongkok in Kowloon.

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Checkup includes (both men and women are applicable):

Healthppy- 18E8C5ED 78C6 49DA B37D F4B9C8FE5F71


  1. Add to the shopping cart and pay at Healthppy website (Red/Yellow Card members can enjoy discounts)
  2. Fill in the application form for yourself/your families or friends
  3. Staff from the laboratory will contact you and make an appointment for the health checkup.
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