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Urban women are mostly dual-career mothers who, on one hand, are under increasingly greater stress from work and, on the other hand, have to shoulder family responsibilities and take care of their children. Whenever they experience any physical discomfort, such as abnormal bleeding, abdominal pain or severe menstrual pain, they tend to attribute it to stress, while these signs could be symptoms of early gynaecological diseases.

Red Card/Yellow Card/Blue Card Membership:10% OFF Discount *The plan is suitable for ladies aged 30 or above

Plan Included:


  1. Detailed Medical History
  2. Physical Examination
  3. Blood Analysis – Complete Blood Picture
  4. Thyroid Function – TSH
  5. Cervical Screening – Pap Smear (A female doctor is available on request), HPV Genotype (HPV DNA test)
  6. Pelvic Screening – Ultrasound of Pelvis (transabdominal)
  7. Follow-up Consultation for Report Review

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